Geraldine Headley

Geraldine Headley is an integrative naturopath, hypnotherapist, herbalist & nutritionist based in Adelaide. She spent 27 years nursing in major hospitals, as well as 3rd-world communities around the globe, specialising in neonatal intensive care and pediatrics. For the past decade Geraldine has dedicated her focus to complementary medicine, not just as a clinical practitioner, but as an educator and mentor. In 2017 she rolled out her highly successful mentorship - The Graduate Mastery Program, and has since been nominated for the 2018 BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Awards, 2018 Australian Naturopathic Summit Awards as Educator of the Year and most recently 2020 NatEx Educator award. Her extensive industry knowledge allows her to easily bring her own experiences into her teaching, which promotes an unrivalled level of authenticity and guidance, confidence and nurturing with just a hint of sass, Geraldine has quickly become one of Australia's most prolific mentors for new graduates both locally and internationally. Geraldine has extended her mentoring to include all those individuals in solo practice to give them the support and encouragement they need in practice. Most recently Geraldine started a Podcast - 'Mentoring with Geraldine and the Bite-Sized Podcast' and started a practitioner membership support platform 'The Academy'. You can find out more about Geraldine at:

Geraldine also runs some well established Facebook groups: 'Strictly Practitioners' - supporting clinical practitioners, and 'Strictly Education & Support' - her education and mentoring group where each week she delivers a session on anything in practice that's the topic of the moment!

Practical Practitioner Self-Care

Overwhelm & burnout in practice is more common than any of us are willing to admit, it's unseen and rarely discussed. 

Adrenal Fatigue is all over the internet, want to know where the term comes from and why it’s mocked in scientific circles?

Want to know the options out there to help you and your clients with burnout so you can recover much needed energy and sanity?

What about testing? Discussion? Research? 

Have you thought about creating a program for your fatigued clients, using herbs & supplements as well as education around the subject of adrenal insufficiency, burnout and exhaustion? 

We need the help as much as our clients, and understanding is the first step to recovery.

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