Karen White


Karen has over two decades of clinical experience, having graduated with a first-class honours degree in Herbal Medicine from Westminster University. It was here, under the tutelage of renowned herbalist Christopher Hedley whose wisdom of people and plant energetics, combined with traditional practices were a key to her deep appreciation regarding the synergistic qualities of herbal formulary. This wisdom underpinned Karen’s clinical approach, as did supervision by herbal elders, Stephen and Carol Church who encouraged her to get to know herbs by growing, harvesting and processing them. Stephen’s practical approach to medicine making inspired Karen to grow and process herbs for her successful clinical practice.

Deepening her connection with plants, Karen has studied works by Rudolf Steiner, been guided under the tutelage of Isla Burgess and spent two months in Scotland in 2018 with Keith Robertson, founder of Scottish School of Herbal Medicine to immerse herself in the contemplative aspects of Goethean Science and the rhythmic expression of plants and our relationship to them. Having served the community for over two decades, Karen spends most of her time now being of service to the plants and cultivating a life of self-sufficiency with her husband near Raglan, where together they apply biodynamics to help regenerate their six acres of land as a haven for biodiversity.

The Art of Herbal Formulary and Synergistic Combinations

This presentation will discuss the art of herbal formulary and the strategies for herbal combinations to enhance synergistic outcomes. The alchemical process of herbal combinations and pairing are the building blocks that can augment, accentuate and amplify herbal formulary. Rather than primarily focusing on phytochemical constituents and pharmacology, consideration is given to patient’s individual constitution and ‘energetics’, traditional knowledge, combined with plant energetics and their empirical observation.

With an increase towards contemporary medicine that follows protocols with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, this triadic formulary enhances clinical approaches and offers a truly bespoke herbal prescription, targeted specifically towards the individual. These skills are especially important in these uncertain times in cultivating resilience in practice where supply may also be an issue, as well as practitioner’s being better equipped in addressing the myriad of complexities and chronic conditions increasingly presented by patients today in herbalists’ clinical practice.

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