Sandra Clair

PhD Health Sciences (University of Canterbury, New Zealand);

Post-Grad. Dip. Herbal Medicine (University of New England, Australia);

Masters in History and Medical Anthropology (University of Bern, Switzerland);

Ambassador and noted Alumni University of Canterbury; Founder Artemis.

Professionally documented empirical evidence on medicinal plants: the importance of traditional knowledge as a reliable source of evidence for regulation and practice

Traditional plant medicines are key therapeutics in professional herbal practice and self-care. Despite their prevalence there is no health policy in New Zealand to formally acknowledge them as therapeutic products due to presumed lack of evidence on their effectiveness. This regulatory situation impacts on consumer choice and public safety. The newly developed Historical Assessment Tool provides a systematic approach to collate inter-generational clinical evidence on plant medicines for regulatory purposes. This broadens their evidence base and revolutionizes the way we look at evidence.

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